Evaluating Resources aG4PPT3.0 Evaluating Resources 5.ppt Powerpoint Margery Orell Senior Librarian Central Piedmont Community College margery.orell@cpcc.edu 0 282 0 0 00:05:58.555 15 Evaluating Resources A core competency Slide1.Jpg 00:00:00.000 00:00:13.158 Hello, my name is Margery Orell. I work in the library. I would like to introduce you to one of Instruction’s Core Competencies, Evaluating Resources. Let’s get started. 00:00:00.000 00:00:13.158 What’s involved? Slide2.Jpg 00:00:13.158 00:00:38.485 What’s Involved.? There are 4 areas that we will look at… All 4 areas help students evaluate and use resources wisely. 00:00:13.158 00:00:38.485 Start with a Research Plan Slide3.Jpg 00:00:38.485 00:01:19.524 Start with a Research Plan…Reading and thinking about a topic, focusing and then planning for targeted resources are the first steps in the evaluation process. Student will eliminate some resources and choose others based on their topics. 00:00:38.485 00:00:59.005 Encourage your student to Read widely… 00:00:59.005 00:01:19.524 Identify Resources Slide4.Jpg 00:01:19.524 00:02:01.684 By different kinds of resources, I mean personal stories….and these can be in hard copy or on the internet. For instance, personal stories might be found in books, or blogs or newspapers. Timelines might be found in books or in webpages. 00:01:19.524 00:01:40.604 Scholarly research will be found in journals both in hard copy and in library databases on the internet. 00:01:40.604 00:02:01.684 Search engines and library databases Slide5.Jpg 00:02:01.684 00:02:44.045 Search Engines and Library Databases are the finding tools for all kinds of resources. There are hundreds of these tools. Knowing which ones to use and why gets students closer to reaching the goal of this core competency. This list 00:02:01.684 00:02:15.804 illustrates a continuum of search engines from less reliable to Most reliable. Less reliable does not mean BAD, It means that students will have to take more time and use more effort to look through thousands of hits and spend more time 00:02:15.804 00:02:29.924 assessing credibility of the resources found. Library Instruction 00:02:29.924 00:02:44.045 Smart Searching Techniques Slide6.Jpg 00:02:44.045 00:03:13.588 Smart Searching Techniques help students find good information quickly and efficiently. The techniques are Boolean operators, field searching and limiters. By choosing the advanced search page rather than the default search page gives 00:02:44.045 00:02:58.816 students these powers to control the results of their searches. LIBRARIANS can help your students with smart searching techniques. Use Example 00:02:58.816 00:03:13.588 Authority Slide7.Jpg 00:03:13.588 00:03:36.891 We will now look at how students make judgments about the resources they have in-hand. The first aspect to consider is AUTHORITY. 00:03:13.588 00:03:36.891 Audience Slide8.Jpg 00:03:36.891 00:03:53.465 Audience -- Children Medline, CDC 00:03:36.891 00:03:53.465 Bias Slide9.Jpg 00:03:53.465 00:04:11.601 Bias 00:03:53.465 00:04:11.601 http://web.mit.edu/thistle/www/cartoons/slander.jpg 00:03:53.465 00:04:11.601 Date/Currency Slide10.Jpg 00:04:11.601 00:04:26.543 Date/Currency 00:04:11.601 00:04:26.543 Give Credit for Resources Slide11.Jpg 00:04:26.543 00:05:01.773 Give Credit for Resources 00:04:26.543 00:05:01.773 Document & Cite Resources Slide12.Jpg 00:05:01.773 00:05:31.015 Document and Cite Resources. When your students use a recognized Citation format such as MLA or APA, they will be accomplishing the tasks of this core competency. They will know the elements of their citations and they will know the tools 00:05:01.773 00:05:16.394 of scholarly communication. Librarians can be of great help to your students will all the citation formats. 00:05:16.394 00:05:31.015 Evaluating Resources Rubric Slide13.Jpg 00:05:31.015 00:05:44.795 The Evaluating Sources Rubric is intended to give you practical guidelines when you evaluate your students papers and projects. It is available as a handout. 00:05:31.015 00:05:44.795 Rubric Slide14.Jpg 00:05:44.795 00:05:49.552 0 Thank You Slide15.Jpg 00:05:49.552 00:05:58.555 0